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alpcas news
Buy luxurious alpaca fibre direct from our herd. Fine and soft, raw or carded. Try our beautiful blends with silk and our exquisite fine yarns.
see our fibre


Alpaca Creations
Southern Alpacas are proud to offer lovely alpaca products from garments to footwear and everything in between. Treat yourself to the warmth and softness of alpaca.

Most of our products are made in New Zealand, from the wide range of naturally occurring alpaca colours, to a high standard of craftsmanship.

Most articles are made from fibre from our award-winning alpaca herd. The fleece is selected, shorn, and hand cleaned to quality standards. We do not use chemicals in the production and cleaning of this fibre.

The one-off garments are all individually hand crafted and we are pleased to support our hand crafters by offering their products for sale.

We have gift vouchers - tell us what you want to spend and we will make up a voucher for you to give as a present.

You can pay at our secure site by credit card, or, within New Zealand, by cheque.
We will add the post and packing charge which varies with your location and the weight and size of your order.
Post and packing
One of the many benefits of alpaca is that it is light and easy to post.

You can buy several small items and still be under 1kg in weight for postage.

The exception is the duvets, which are 3-6kg depending upon duvet size.

Our prices ...
are in New Zealand dollars
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currency calculator
Location Up to 1kg Up to 2kg Up to 5kg
Australia $NZ15.00 $NZ25.00 $NZ  50.00
Asia $NZ30.00 $NZ50.00 $NZ100.00
Europe, UK, USA $NZ35.00 $NZ56.00 $NZ115.00
New Zealand Up to 1.5kg North Is South Is
Flat item small $NZ 3 - 5.00    
Flat item large   $NZ  13.50 $NZ   8.50
NZ - bulky items are sent out    
by courier to rural areas $NZ 12.00 $NZ 12.00
These prices are indicative for within New Zealand and airmail internationally.

We will add the cost of postage to your order once made up.

Developing the NZ alpaca industry since 1989



See the fibre page that won us this award!


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Alpaca Fun
Alpaca fun?























"So warm and light!" Fibre

Order alpaca fibre here
We mail order through New Zealand and overseas.

silk blends
 We have blackberry, black spice, plum in silk stock presently.

Raw fibre
$6 per 100gm
Fine, soft and silky, natural, direct from the animal

View basket | Checkout and pay
Carded fibre
$10 per 100gm
Pure alpaca, natural colours, washed and carded sliver

View basket | Checkout and pay
Silky blends
$15 per 100gm
Luxurious 20% silk blend. Blackberry, black spice, plum in stock now.

View basket | Checkout and pay
"... wonderfully soft ..."


These fine yarns are all made from NZ alpaca fleece.
They are so fine and wonderfully soft when knitted up.

2 ply. Natural caramel coloured yarn, alpaca with 20% super-fine NZ merino, in 50 gram or 100 gram hanks. It goes 440 m on 4.5 or 5.5 needles.
Price: 50gm $NZ25 / hank and 100gm $40 / hank
 x hank 

 x hank 

Scarf Kit
A fantastically fine scarf kit - a
2 ply hank of 50gm yarn - alpaca with 20% super-fine NZ merino. This comes with one scarf pattern and is enough to make one scarf - all hand dyed in unique variegated colours OR natural caramel colour.
Price: $NZ33

 x kit 

Natural coloured yarn
Natural coloured yarn, alpaca with 20% super-fine NZ merino, in 50 gram hanks in 4 ply and 8 ply. In white, light and dark fawn, and brown. Sorry, no white or light fawn left in 4 ply. No black or grey left in either ply.

The 4 ply goes 240 m on 3.25 mm needles and the 8 ply 95 m on 4 mm needles.
Price: $NZ8 / 50gm ball

no black or grey left

 x 50gm 
"... wonderfully woven ..." Scarves
  Woven scarves
These scarves are woven then brushed, giving a luxurious look and feel. They are thick and snuggly. They drape well and are warm.

Size: 176 cm long plus tassles each end of 6cm; 19cm wide.

Large range of colours, rolled in an attractive presentation pack.
cream, sand, fawn, pumice, granite grey, grey/black marl.

Pictured in the rolls are sand, fawn, pumice.

Price: $70


  Woven scarves - motif
Woven scarves from soft 100% baby alpaca. Delightful alpaca motif on the ends. Natural colours and bright, vibrant dyed colours.

Size: approx 160 cm long plus tassles of 7cm at each end; 31 cm wide.

They drape well and are warm. Large range of colours.

Price: $70


  Woven scarves - 100% baby alpaca
Woven scarves from soft 100 percent baby alpaca, in natural shades and bright dyed colours.

Size:  approx 160 cm long plus tassles of 7cm at each end; 33 cm wide.

woven baby scarves cream, camel, grey, black, green, navy, red, aqua, pink, blue, plum
Price: $70


"... elegant ..." Shawls
Shawls - 100 % alpaca
These shawls are woven and made from 100 percent  alpaca.

They drape well and come in a choice of colours.

Size: approx 180 cm long plus tassles of 7cm at each end; 64 cm wide.

Price: $160


"... toasty ..."

Warm Feet!

socks Socks
Treat your feet with New Zealand made alpaca socks. These are comfy, wear well and can be machine washed.

Sizes small, medium, large and extra large, in two styles and several colours.

NZ/UK size guide:
small 2-6, medium 7-9, large 10-13, XL 14+
Classic: A fine dress sock. Each pair is 72% alpaca with 28% lycra/nylon, giving excellent wearing qualities.
Classic Socks / Price: $NZ22



Essential: A popular everyday sock with a tufted sole for warmth and a finer top for comfort. Each pair is 72% alpaca with 10% lycra/nylon for wearing qualities and 18% wool.
Essential Socks / Price: $NZ24



"... snuggly ..."


Snuggle into one of these.

The natural insulating and thermal qualities of alpaca are utilised in these comfortable duvets.

Each duvet is covered in a bright-white sateen outer. The duvet inners are wadded and sewn to ensure the fibre stays flat, meaning it offers warmth over the entire bed.
Range of Duvets
Single $220

Double $245

Queen $280

King $310

Super King $340

throws Throws
throwsAlpaca throws for a luxurious bed cover.

These alpaca throws are single bed size but also look fabulous spread across the bottom of a double bed. They are great throw rugs for the couch or for snuggling into when watching TV or movies.

Size: 180 cm x 130 cm

All natural colours; all NZ made.

Sand, check and pumice pictured left.
Check comes in Canterbury or Apache.
New colour granite (grey).

Price: $NZ180


"... caring ..." Animal Care
cleaners Alpaca Fibre Cleaners
cleanersThese unusual implements are used to clean the alpaca's coat before shearing. The electro-static force created by drawing the implement through the fibre, causes removable vegetation and dirt to jump out. Yes, really !! The wiggly cleaner now comes by itself at $30. Postage is $9 in NZ.
Price: $NZ30