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Alpaca Links

Nic and Linda keep up-to-date with the latest in alpaca information.

We work with alpaca breeders in New Zealand, Australia, Britain and United Kingdom and America.

We work with fibre artists world-wide.

Here are some links for web sites of people we do business with and recommend in the camelid world.



NZ Alpaca Breeders

These are some of the alpaca breeders we work with, who have their own websites. (Not all breeders we work with have websites.)

Paretai Alpacas    

Kowhai Park Alpacas  www.kowhaipark.co.nz

SilverStream Alpaca Stud  www.alpaca-stud.co.nz

Warwickz Farm    www.warwickzfarm.com



We import alpacas from Australia and USA and we export alpacas to Europe so we work with European breeders.

Alpagas du Sud in Southern France - our farm http://alpagasdusud.fr/en/

Eringa Park Cambridge in Australia and UK  www.alpacastud.com.au

Wellground Alpaca Stud in UK www.wellground.co.uk

Inca Alpaca in UK   www.incaalpaca.co.uk

Alpaca Males www.alpacamales.com

Northwest Alpacas in Oregon USA, whose Hemingway genetics we use



Creative Fibre - crafters association   www.creativefibre.org.nz

Touch Yarns - for alpaca yarns  www.touchyarns.com

Shona Schofield - felt and fibre artist   www.feltandfibre.co.nz

Morecraft  http://morecraftgifts.com




Marty McGee  www.camelidynamics.com

Camelid Outfitters www.camelid.co.nz

Gear Girl (online store) www.willowfarm.co.nz




Alpaca Association of New Zealand (AANZ)   www.alpaca.org.nz

Alpaca Association of Australia  (AAA)  www.alpaca.asn.au

British Alpaca Society (BAS)  www.bas-uk.com

American Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA)  www.alpacainfo.com



Services and Supplies

Inter-Island Horse Transport   www.interislandhorse.co.nz

Majestic Horse Floats  www.majesticfloats.co.nz 

Jardines Insurers  www.horseinsurance.co.nz/products/alpacas

CRT Feedbarn    www.crt.co.nz

AlpacaSeller NZ  www.alpacaseller.co.nz

RD1.com  www.rd1.com

Useful Items (for camelids)  www.usefulalpacaitems.com

Alpaca Manager (software) www.epsilon.net.nz/alpacamanager.mv

  Publications On-line

Lifestyle Farmer www.lifestyle-farmer.co.nz

Camelid Quarterly  www.llamas-alpacas.com

RD1.com   www.rd1.com


Other links

Four Corners  www.fourcorners.co.nz
New Zealand Vacation and Travel Guide. Comprehensive Maps, Accommodation, Activity and Car Rental information

Updated April 2017