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For alpaca and llama insurance
we recommend
JLT Bloodstock.
(formerly Jardines), a reputable equine and livestock insurer.

They insure alpacas and llamas in NZ and also for transit to and from other parts of the world.

Developing the NZ alpaca industry since 1989


JLT Bloodstock is a business unit of Jardine Lloyd Thompson







Reputable major broker - specialists in equine and livestock insurance


This comprehensive insurance covers the following situations.
1. Full mortality (death) 2. Veterinary recommended euthanasia 3. Limited loss by theft 4. Cover for transit within NZ and overseas 5. Stud infertility
New Zealand alpaca owners can arrange their insurance direct with us.
If you are a new alpaca owner, we strongly recommend you take insurance to cover your initial financial investment.


Competitive speciality covers are available.

Cria can be insured from 30 days of age, provided there is a veterinary certificate attesting to their good health. Cria insured from 30 to 90 days of age require a vet certificate. The premium is higher.

A full range Covers include transit cover and importation and exporting, whole herd cover, male infertility, young cria, etc.
Please ask for a quote... Please ask for a quote on these covers. We will quote cover on any defined risk you want.
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Just three simple steps and you're on the way to being covered
step 1 Email us to send you a form to fill in.
step 2 Get a veterinary inspection of your alpaca to ensure it is healthy if its value is over $25,000 OR it is under 90 days old OR over 12 years of age. Otherwise complete a Declaration of Health form (available from us)
step 3 Send the completed insurance form and any veterinary certificate or DoH form to us.
our address Nic Cooper and Linda Blake
Alpaca Services
RD 1
Fax 03 318-1927
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JLT Bloodstock is a reliable insurer with long experience in assisting equine and livestock owners.
Confirmation of cover We submit the form (by fax or email) to JLT Bloodstock. We can advise confirmation of cover within 24 hours, normally same day.
of premium
Jardines send you an invoice, in NZ dollars. Pay it direct.
your insurance
Our database will automatically send out renewal notices. You complete another proposal form, but a new vet certificate is not required for animals, if they are under NZ$25,000 in value or under 12 years of age.
a claim
Notify JLT Bloodstock asap. We will notify for you if you prefer.   JLT Bloodstock will send a claim form and appoint an assessor. Claims are settled promptly, and with the minimum of fuss.
Claims Paying Rating Ability for Underwriters There are two underwriters, and you can choose which you use.
QBE Insurance (Europe) Ltd has an "A+" (Stable) claims paying rating given by Standard & Poor's  Pty Ltd on 5th December 2008.
LLoyds has an "A" (Excellent) claims payment rating given by AM Best on 11 July 2008.
For more information, see the JLT Bloodstock website
Updated as at 6 June 2011