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alpcas news


Offering the Power of Pedigree and the Proof of Progeny

We breed for alpacas with a fine dense fleece, low guard hair  and extreme uniformity. Our heritage of top class genetics  is outstanding sourced from New Zealand, USA and Europe.

Our studs include imported studs as well as NZ born boys, who join the stud stable on their own merit. 


Developing the NZ alpaca industry since 1989 with top genetics, for studs & sales.

   Top Genetics       Top Service       Top Studs  


Benefit from our comprehensive range of studs.

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We have imported studs from the well-known Australian Purrumbete Peruvian and USA accoyo bloodlines.

Their genetic improvement is proven they endow their progeny with denser fleece, greater shear weight, and finer fibre.

Stud Booklet 0809

In our stud stables we offer a great choice of top quality, show winning, studs from the top genetic lines of Australia and USA.

They include many top accoyo Peruvian lines proven through pedigree lines with generations of offspring and years of Show performance.

Our Stud Stables
Our white stable is led by Brutus, our USA import with the fineness factor.  We now have championship sons from Brutus in our stud stable too. Look for Lennon (North Island), and Titus and Black Adder in Europe.

Our fawn stable is led by a Brutus son in fawn, multi-champion winning Titus (Europe).

Our darker colour stable boasts a Brutus son in black, Black Adder, in Europe. We also have from USA champion black Maipo, Trevo II who is also in Europe.

Choosing your Stud - read about it
Maximising your herd improvement by judicious choice of stud.

Want your own stud ?  See our choice of herdsires and studs for sale.


Most of our matings come with a guaranteed live birth or a free return service.
Conditions apply - see our policy on this page.


All mating is one-on-one supervised pen mating, with two spit-off pregnancy tests.

On farm mating.
No agistment fee for visiting female or cria while female getting pregnant (up to 10 weeks).

Females withdrawn from the mating programme once matings have commenced shall be charged 20% of the stud fee and may be charged any agistment.

click on any photo to see details of these outstanding studs

Brutus Titus Lennon
Brutus and sons
legendary excellence
Titus - in Europe
a Brutus son in fawn
Lennon - in Wairarapa
a very fine Brutus son

Black Adder    
Black Adder - in Europe
Brutus in black



Our boys can come courting your girls, with our mobile mating service.


A travel fee may apply to mobile matings further than 70 km from the stud's current base.

Benefit from our studs

We offer up-to-date genetic advice to ensure your mating programme meets your aims.


You can benefit wherever you are, as these studs travel, being based with alpaca breeders who are part-owners and/or are associated with us
Studs for Sale

We have a selection of young males available from these top lines for sale as studs.  Some are already proven, with cria on the ground.

Live Birth Guarantee and Re-mate Policy   

For most full-fee matings in the Canterbury area we offer a live birth guarantee. We may be able to extend this to other geographic areas, depending upon the availability and location of the stud.

Our live birth guarantee is the offering of a free stud service with the same stud if the dam does not have a viable cria.

Southern Alpacas Stud will offer a free return service if:
- a cria is not born (absorbed, retained CL etc) or
- cria is born dead (premature, still born, dystocia etc) or
- cria is born with congenital issues (very rare, vet evidence required)

Conditions apply. Every care has to be taken of the dam, and the cria, before and during birthing. It will be at our discretion whether we extend a free return service if a full-term, healthy, cria is born alive and dies in the next few days. We do expect due care to be taken of cria and dams.

The live cria guarantee will be honoured after a post mortem certificate signed by a vet confirms that the loss was not due to avoidable circumstances.

Free return stud services are to be taken as soon as possible after the female is ready for
re-mating, and should not be deferred to later seasons.

This return service is generally not transferable - it is for the same dam and the same sire.

In some instances, due to the planned future location/s of the stud, a live birth guarantee may be offered with a different stud.

Should the female have a health problem which means she is unable to retain her pregnancy, then another female may be able to be substituted, subject to mutual agreement.

Free returns and live birth guarantees cannot be undertaken in the event of the death of the female.

Updated Jan 2019